Shop Art via #YegArtWalk

Don’t miss out! Find artists by searching hashtag: #YegArtWalk

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk has proudly connected patrons and buyers for 25 years. This year we will help art buyers shop on social media and online for local artists. Covid 19 protocols have kept everyone home. In some cases, this has boosted creativity and made artists more savvy for online engagement. There are tons of images and videos being shared every week. The art is diverse, interesting and inspiring. Whyte Avenue Art Walk Artists are easy to find. Shop social media by searching #yegartwalk on Instagram.

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk runs nearly all month-long:

July 10 – July 31, 2020.

Some good things to consider about using social media to buy art for your home, office or to give as gifts:

  • See art displays and meet artists.
  • It is a visual feast full of inspiration.
  • In some cases, you can watch videos of the art being made.
  • Works are for sale and priced to sell.
  • 100% of the proceeds will keep the artist working.
  • Save your feet. Let your fingers do the scrolling.
  • Do not worry about the weather.
  • There are no hungry kids or tired spouses.
  • You can see art 24 hours a day, all month long!

Art is for sale = #YegArtForSale 

Take images of your work and post them on Instagram. Artists are asked to go back through their art, already posted, and make sure to add an appropriate hashtag from below. These hashtags will help patrons searching for art within their budget. The festival will feature a promotion like – “Its $100 Art Day!” and encourage the purchase of art between $100 -$199 by using #yegartsale100. All tags will be featured a couple of times during the month of July. 

  • #yegartsaleunder100
  • #yegartforsale100
  • #yegartforsale200
  • #yegartforsale300
  • #yegartforsale400
  • #yegartforsale500
  • #yegartforsale600
  • #yegartforsale700
  • #yegartforsale800
  • #yegartforsale900
  • #yegartforsale1000
  • #yegartforsale2000
  • #yegartforsale3000
  • #yegartforsale4000
  • #yegartforsale5000+

Tips for Buying Art!

Here are 10 Ways an Artist can participate in The Whyte Avenue Art Walk

More Fun!

Some dogs are such fans of Art Walk they visit rain or shine!

We will miss your seeing the dogs of Art Walk. Please post a picture of your Art Walk Dog and their purchases from last year. You can use the same hashtag #yegartwalk.