FAQs for Artists

The 2021 Whyte Avenue Art Walk will look different as we move indoors, spread out over 8 weekends, and navigate ever changing COVID-19 restrictions. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you navigate this 2021 event.

Can I bring a friend to help me? Unfortunately because of capacity restrictions we are only able to have one person at each booth/table when we are open to the public. We will have volunteers to watch your booth when you need to take a break. You are a able to bring some help with load in and out. Anyone coming into the building will be required to fill out our COVID-19 screening and sign in for contact tracing.

How do I load in? The Tuesday before your selected weekend, you will receive an email indicating your load in time and instructions. You will receive a set amount of time to park beside your designated load-in door to unload and ample time to set up inside. We will have volunteers available to monitor the doors and assist with unloading. All artists are asked to be at their booths by 2:30pm on Fridays for a final check in.

Where do I park? We are hoping to find dedicated parking for artists in the area. Stay tuned.

What do I need to bring for set up? The former Army & Navy space is an blank canvas. You will receive a marked area on the floor that corresponds with the location and sized that you booked. Each location will be numbered according to your booking confirmation. We encourage to bring your tent minus the canopy, grid walls, and anything you need to display your work. You will also need to bring your own table(s) and chair. We recommend bringing sheets to cover your work overnight.

Will there be access to wifi? YES!

What happens when I want to take a break? We will have break room and washrooms available onsite for artists. Volunteers will also be available to watch your booth for you. An Art Walk Manager will be on site for the duration of the event to help organize the volunteers and offer assistance.

How do I load out? Load out will happen after the close of the event on Sundays at 5pm. The Art Walk Manager will create a load out line and organize this process onsite.

Would you like to know more? Watch our Orientation video.