20 Days of Art-filled Window Displays

For 25 years artists have brought art out to the sidewalks of Old Strathcona.

In 2020, during Covid-19 restrictions, we are putting art behind glass. Visitors can view art and contact the artists to purchase. Delivery of art can be arranged between artists and patron.

When: July 10 – 30, 2020

Time: Shop hours may vary but windows are viewable all day.

Where: The event is a grand promenade along Whyte Avenue (82 Avenue) from 101 Street to 108 Street. It’s a long tour, so bring your walking shoes!

Find an Artist!

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Shop Art via #YegArtWalk

Don’t miss out! Find artists by searching hashtag: #YegArtWalk

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk has proudly connected patrons and buyers for 25 years. This year we will help art buyers shop on social media and online for local artists. Covid 19 protocols have kept everyone home. In some cases, this has boosted creativity and made artists more savvy for online engagement. There are tons of images and videos being shared every week. The art is diverse, interesting and inspiring. Whyte Avenue Art Walk Artists are easy to find. Shop social media by searching #yegartwalk on Instagram.

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Talking to Artists and Setting a Budget

Stay Tuned for Next Year

“Imagine a 4 km walk through the hearts and minds of artists. Cultural explorers are invited to see art making in action on the streets of Old Strathcona, a vibrant art district in the historic centre of Edmonton, Alberta. Over 500 visual artists bring their art supplies and artworks out into the streets. Together they create an outdoor studio and gallery spanning several blocks. The Whyte Avenue Art Walk reveals Alberta’s hidden talent and provides an opportunity for patrons to curate their own art collection from many undiscovered masters.”

“Bringing the studio to the streets allows for a more intimate relationship between artist and viewer. Meeting artists from all over Alberta, talking to them about their work and finding something that speaks to you, this is the Whyte Avenue Art Walk.”

Kim Fjordbotten, The Paint Spot