Help us ensure Whyte Avenue Art Walk stays on Whyte Avenue!

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk rents space on the sidewalk in front of your businesses from the City of Edmonton for this event and pays for all the space rentals and event support. Like you, all of our costs are skyrocketing, but our difference is that we are a registered charity and without support, events like the Whyte Avenue Art Walk are at risk of downsizing. That’s why we need your help! 

How can you become a visual arts hero?

Become a Visual Arts Hero  with a $100 donation!  Your donation helps subsidize the spaces we rent from the city that we fill with our amazing artists, creating a uniquely vibrant happening in the heart of Old Strathcona. It shows support for local artists and send a message to our patrons that your business loves the arts.

What Whyte Avenue Art Walk can do for you

The obvious answer is that we animate the community and draw nearly 60,000 visitors over the course of three days. But there’s more:

• You’ll get an exclusive window decal that shows patrons and other community members that your
business is a supporter of the arts

• We’ll put your business on our map, so artists, volunteers, and patrons know which businesses
   support the arts n Old Strathcona

• We’ll make sure to promote our Visual Arts Heroes  by liberally sharing the map on social media
   where we have a reach of 12,000+

• We’ll help you promote weekend specials you offer to volunteers, artists, and patrons.
   Tag us using @yegArtWalk

We want to be a Visual Arts Hero, how do we get started?

It’s as easy pie! Click on the link below to support visual arts in our community!

Business Outreach Contact: Terry Smith – Associate Producer, Volunteer/Business Coordinator 

Questions:          For More Information: Website: