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I hope you’re as excited as we are about the 2023 Art Walk. Registrations were fast and furious and participation is back up to pre-pandemic levels with new registrants still trickling in. Our 2032 tent spots sold out early, and the Sunday-only tents flew off the shelf.

Table registration is still open we are making a wait list for tents. Click HERE to register. To join the wait list for a tent, email: terry@activaetartsab.ca.

We have our dates set for the first-time artist orientation, as well as the refresher for returning artists. They’ll both be over Zoom. It’s required for first-timers to attend an orientation to understand how the event works. It’s where we unlock the mysteries of Art Walk, and where you’ll get tips for displaying your art, or prepping for the big weekend, and have any questions you have answered. We will record that meeting and upload it for those who can’t make it, and if you miss the first-timer orientation you’re still welcome to join us for the refresher.
You will need to sign up in order to receive the zoom information.

Here are the dates:

FIRST-TIMER ORIENTATION: Wednesday May 31, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

RETURNING ARTIST REFRESHER: Tuesday June 6, 2023 at 7:00pm.

We’re in the process of finalizing our map and once that’s complete we’ll be able to finish assigning locations. We’re paying special attention to location requests and pairing artists who have expressed a wish to be next to particular artists. We’re not populating Whyte Avenue between 102 and 101 Streets this year, so if you’ve requested that stretch we’ll do our best to find you a great location.

Locations will be posted on our website as part of the 2023 Artist Gallery and will be part of your artist package. Locations will be up on the website no later than June 19th.

Speaking of artist packages, they will be ready for pickup at The Paint Spot no later than June 23, and we’ll let you know. Don’t forget, registered artists receive a 20% discount at the Paint Spot. Just show them the pdf confirmation you received when you paid on Igniter.

In other housekeeping notes, our office will be closed on the Monday of the Victoria Day weekend, May 22, 2023. We’ll be back on the following Friday, and we check email throughout the week, so reach out if you need something.

In the meantime, keep creating and we’ll see you soon!