Window Galleries around Old Strathcona

As businesses along Whyte Avenue begin to open, with stringent health precautions in place, we want to offer a creative solution that allows for a celebration of the vibrancy of Old Strathcona and animates the Avenue, while keeping everyone safe. We really don’t want to see a summer go by without celebrating art, artists, and the tradition of festivals in our neighbourhood.

Here is a map of where the window displays will be:

Here are previews of some of the windows:

Enjoy the adventure that is Old Strathcona. Window shopping is more interesting. Find all the window galleries by using this map below. We may add more pop-up sites and update this map as the month progresses, so be sure to visit often.

Are you a business in Old Strathcona? Got a window for art? Read more>

Visit the murals in Old Strathcona

Commemorate your visit to Old Strathcona with a selfie in front of one (or all) of the murals in our community. It is quite an adventure. Please share this list with family and friends. Why not create a scavenger hunt for your next fundraiser or team event? 

Download a PDF of the Mural Walking Tour Map 


Did you know there are more than 600 businesses in this neighbourhood?
Visit the  Old Strathcona website to view a directory of these shops.