Happy Canada Day Weekend. We have another exciting line up of artists for you to see. Scroll the gallery below to see who is participating this weekend. Come be inspired by talented artists. It is great chance to pick up a new piece of art from your home or office. Did you get your tickets yet? It is best to buy tickets to secure your time. We also welcome walk-ups. Remember it is FREE for kids under 12. Admission by Food Bank donation is between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Fridays.

Important note for this weekend is: MASKS MUST BE WORN. While all other restrictions are lifted, we are keeping our masks on. More people are visiting and more artists are exhibiting so let’s keep everyone safe. Celebrate your last chance to rock your favourite mask because, in just a few weeks, we hope to put them in the nostalgia box.

New at Art Walk! A first for Alberta Sculptors

For the first time, the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta (SAA) will be participating in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk with a collective of 19 artists selling their work from July 2 to August 1.

“For years we have looked for a way to participate, but setting up and tearing down daily on the street was impossible for a group like ours” said SAA President Ellie Shuster. “Moving the walk indoors was a game-changer. Who’d have thought Covid would be kind to us!” 

The front window of the Army and Navy store will showcase more than 100 sculptures, representing a broad spectrum of mediums and styles, including stone, clay, metal, fibre, wood, cold-cast bronze and more. Visitors will meet and interact with different artists each day. In addition to the work for sale, there will be a draw for prizes every week.

About the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta

SAA’s vision is of a healthy, growing community of sculptors across Alberta who support and learn from each other, exhibit together, collaborate with other organizations, and inspire Albertans of all ages through interaction with sculpture and the artists who create it.

Established in 1986, the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta (SAA) has grown from six founding members to a dynamic organization which influences the artistic landscape of Alberta. Membership is province-wide and open to anyone with an interest in sculpture: professional, amateur and student. The association is run by a seven-member board of directors and has over 60 member artists province-wide.

Window Gallery: Night of Artists

Look for a gallery of artists featured in the long windows of the Army & Navy. We are proud to host the NOA. We missed many festivals and art events for the past two years so it is our pleasure to partner with Phil Alain and the amazing artists he represents. Their art will fill the windows until August 1 and you may view it all week long. Even when we are closed during the weekdays; art will light up our windows. It also your chance to pick-up the latest copy of the stunning NOA magazine. It is both a collectors’ item and a who’s who in our local art scene. #shoplocal and #BuyArtYouLove at #yegartwalk.

More Murals On Whyte: @lacyandlaylaart

Another enormous shout out to Edmonton for the unending support on this monumental project, and the Buckingham for providing the wall to be the home for this mural! You guys ROCK! Such an honour to make something special for Mr. Chi and his friends, family, and endless fans. Stay tuned for the final unveiling on July 10th!

This mural is on the Buckingham only a few steps west of Army & Navy. It will be the Selfie-spot of the summer.

Lacy Jane and Layla Folkman were also created the Varscona Mural to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. We are so proud of this dynamic duo.