Michelle Stregger – July 2, 2019



Registered aerosol artists will be spray painting on the fence of the construction site on Whyte Avenue between 106 St and 107 St (across from the Varscona Hotel) during.

This event is hosted by the local developer of the Southpark on Whyte property. They are installing 10 sheets of 4’x8’ plywood. The Paint Spot is providing $40 of paint. Prizes are 2 x $100 cash prizes plus all the publicity of Whyte Avenue exposure. The works will remain up as street animation/beautification.

Please use hashtags #southparkonwhyte and #yegartwalk. Encourage others to vote for you with images, selfies, and hashtags. Voting will run until Sunday, July 7 at 4 PM. Winners will be announced July 7 at 5 PM.

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@marcitcreqative and @minbid


@jaitannine and @lo.artwork

@gpasion2 and @yahoo.com