Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick my location?

Maybe… the organizers are juggling many factors, including requests from artists and merchants; bylaws, community needs (space requirements, type of art, business preferences, city bylaws and cooperation of landlords must be balanced). Be patient; we do our best to accommodate all requests.

Think outside the box. Too many think that 105 St – 103 St is the core but in fact Art Walk artists are having success between 108 – 106 St, too. Some affordable spots are found further west on Whyte. It is all about promotion and word of mouth. Let your friends, patrons, and family know where to find you by doing a little extra promoting through social media. #yegartwalk

Can I register on line?

Due to the complexities of the registration process we are no longer able to register online.
Artists can register in person at The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue or over the phone, local 780 432 0240 or toll free 1 800 363 0546.
Download the registration form and send us images. We will call you back for a credit card or ask you to mail a cheque.
You are not officially registered until we receive payment.

Can I register now and pay later?

You are assigned a number and location only after you have paid.

Can I register a friend?

If you have their registration form filled out, the waiver signed and their images are approved, you can pay and register for them and pick up their ID badge.

Can I share a table?

No. All artists that show work must pay the fee, which provides your vendor permit. We can try to place you close to each other.

Can I bring a tent?

Yes! Tents and grid wall are welcome but are limited to areas that allow bigger displays without blocking storefronts. Please let us know if you are planning a large or tall exhibition.

Do you provide tables and tents?

Sorry: artists must provide everything including tables, chairs, grid wall, easels, etc.

Is there storage overnight?

No, Art Walk artists must set up and take down every day.

What is the registration money used for?

This small registration fee is used to pay for the vendor permits, website creation and maintenance, design and production of signage, event booklet, media kits, posters, postcards, and more. Any money left is used for advertising and publicity.

Do I have to be there every day?

Yes. Artists are expected to be on site Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10 am – 5 pm. (Many artists arrive earlier and some stay later.) You are paying for the whole weekend. Empty spaces reflect poorly on the festival and the artist. 

Can someone else watch my booth while I am at work?

Normally we do not allow agents to sell work that is not theirs but we can allow friends and family to work for you to relieve you for short periods of time. Remember, this event is about showing work-in-progres,s too. It is in your best interest to be on site as much as possible.

Why are guidelines so limited?

What is Art? Only the artist can decide. The organizers have outlined guidelines to help limit The Whyte Avenue Art Walk without going into a lengthy and costly jury process. The inclusiveness of The Whyte Avenue Art Walk has grown the festival beyond our capacity as administrators and volunteers. Don’t be discouraged. There is still great opportunity for you.

In 2017, The Art Walk will partner with two groups to add curated venues for the following.

An Artisan Market

A Photography Lane

For more information contact