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Artist Registration for the 2023 Whyte Avenue Art Walk is now open

How to Register

The registration process is a little different this year. There are two steps.

Registration STEP 1:

Please select a tent or table spot and pay in our Igniter ticket system. This is the same system as 2021 and 2022, so if you were part of the event last year, you will still have an account. You may need to request a password reset.

The registration fees are the same as in 2022 and include three days July 7, 8 & 9, 2023.  Tent spots are $200+GST, table spots are $100+GST. If you are displaying photography or digital art, please select the tent or table spot in this category.  New this year – We have limited tent spots available for Sunday, July 9th for $100+GST.

Location: This year the event will span along Whyte Ave., from 107 St. through to 103 St., with tents in the north and south street closures at 105 St., in and around Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park including the Strathcona Back Street, as well as the 104 Street bus lane from the library to Whyte Avenue. We will assign your location based on your previous locations, requests, and availability and this will be your location for the duration of the weekend. We strive to create an experience that allows your art to stand out.

Once you have completed the payment screen, you will get a pdf confirmation email that includes an order number that starts with the letter “P” and the link to Step 2.

Registration STEP 2:

Once you have paid for your spot, you will receive an email confirmation that includes an order number and a link to the registration page. The order number is in the email title, in the email, and in the order confirmation pdf; the link is in the email pdf. Click on the link in the email pdf or you can find it here. The registration page will ask you for your order number, images, your social media handles, and preference for location.

You are considered registered for the event once you have completed both steps.

If you are not able to complete Step 1 using a credit card, please fill out the registration form (Step 2) using order number 11111111 and come visit us at our replica train station office at 10447 – 86 Avenue on Mondays or Fridays from 10 am until 4 pm.

See our FAQ for answers to many questions.

If you have further questions or need to arrange a different time to visit, please email us at info@activateartsab.ca or call the office at 780-758-5878.

Thank you for joining us this year!