Tips For Art Walk Artists

Meet your merchant partner before the event; introduce yourself, discuss needs such as display area, storage possibilities, hours of operation, parking, etc. Get to know your neighbouring artists  This is a great opportunity to meet and network with other artists!

​Promote Whyte Avenue Art Walk to everyone!
Tell your friends, family and clients to come down for the event. Please help distribute posters and postcards.

Join the Facebook Page 
For Twitter & Instagram Please use this hashtag  #yegartwalk so we can trend in social media!
Follow @oldstrathcona and @thepaintspot 

The Event Runs 10 AM - 5 PM Daily
Set-up starts between 7:30 and 9:00 AM.
Complete set-up and be ready before 9:00 AM
Take-down begins at 5:00 PM.
You are welcome to stay out longer if you wish, but the event is unsupervised after 5:00 PM.
Please take a parking map for reference.
Better yet, have someone drop you off and pick you up so parking remains open for patrons.  
A volunteer may be available to watch your display if you need to step away to a side street. 

Prepare for the weather. The Art Walk is not cancelled due to weather.
Prepare for rain and be ready to plastic covers everything.
Street pollution may be a concern: artwork can get dirty.
Secure items in case of wind; be prepared for rain.
Protect yourself: bring mosquito repellent, water, sun block, sun hat, and raincoat. 
Keep your area clean and free from clutter. 

Bring business cards to help people remember you later.
Be Prepared to Promote Yourself. It’s a good idea to have a notebook to take the contact information of people interested in your work.
Be confident about your art and allow people to see what you are doing.
As you practice speaking about your work, it will become more and more comfortable. 
Notes about photographers at Art Walk
Photos of you art may be taken during the event. We encourage photographers to capture our festival and share it on social media. We also have several photographers out taking images to be used in future publications and promotions. However, you have the right to ask any visitors not to take close-up photos of your art work.