1. Assigned locations are to be respected and if there is a concern, please communicate with our staff and be understanding to the variety of needs and consideration that goes into each placement.

2. Artists must be creating on site. This makes our festival unique. 

3. Artists must exhibit work as outlined on their registration forms. Non-compliance is unaccepted. The consequence is revolking of vending permit. 

4. Artists must display their vendor permit and show it to respective authorities if asked.

5. Each Artist's exhibit must leave six feet of pedestrian walking space on the sidewalk and comply with the needs of the business that they are in front of.

6. Artists are responsible for their own set-up, take-down and are expected to provide all their own tables, tents, easels, chairs, supplies, etc. 

7. Artists must sell only their own work, no agents.

8. Art Walk is a non-smoking event.

9. Artists may not sublet their space. There is no sharing of spaces. All artists exhibiting must have an artist registration permit. 

10. The Art Walk will not be canceled due to weather conditions and there are no refunds given after the event.