• Top Three Reasons to Volunteer for Artwalk

    Kim Fjordbotten - March 4, 2019

    The 24th Annual Whyte Avenue Artwalk is going to be huge. We need YOUR help! Alongside some of the other perks you enjoy for volunteering with us, here are three other priceless benefits:

    1) You are supporting a cultural institution of the Strathcona community. The Art Walk has been happening for more than two decades now and it couldn't happen without people like you. Every year the festival serves as a hub of creativity, gathering artists from all over the city.

    2) You'll be talking to all kinds of visitors, acting as a guide and ambassador to those new to Edmonton and/or the festival. Make connections and meet new friends.

    3) You are contributing to the arts community in Edmonton. You are part of the network that includes all the amazing local talent exhibiting during the Art Walk and all of the other volunteers! Get inspired by the artwork around you and talk to the artists that create it.

    Download and print the Volunteer Form.




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