• The Old Stratchona Panago location, situated on Whyte Avenue has a long history of community involvement, and providing great pizza to hungry students, local residents and visitors to Old Strathcona. “It’s a local family-owned business,” says Roman Przybyla. Their Old Strathcona Panago Pizza location opened in 2000 – Roman bought into the business in 2015, and so, in a bright clean and freshly renovated space, the legacy continues with a second generation of Przybylas. 

    Roman believes in the quality product they serve, and is especially excited about three new innovative plant-based pizzas, which are featured as part of Panago’s summer promotion. The recipe pizzas are fan-creations and include a plant-based Spicy Hawaiian, plant-based Veggie Medley, and plant-based Mediterranean. These new pizzas complement Panago’s eight vegetarian recipes they have been offering for some time.

    Panago is a Canadian company with over 200 locations across the country They offer a 100% Organic Tomato sauce, dough made from 100% Canadian wheat, and the products they serve contain no artificial colours or flavours. Also, they offer eight delicious, antibiotic-free meat options. 

    The quality of Panago’s products is important, and according to Roman, so is involvement in the community. Panago Pizza is a neighbourhood store, says Roman, “and our involvement in the community represents the face of the brand.”

    In particular, Roman says they enjoy, appreciating and supporting volunteers, because they give their time to make their communities better for everyone. At present, the Whyte Avenue store is involved with Ronald McDonald House, the Red Cross, and in helping community schools raise funds for school lunch programs. And of course, Panago and Whyte Avenue Art Walk are partners in appreciating the festival’s hard-working volunteers. 

    I needed a relevant picture to go with this post, and I’d met up with Roman just after the lunch rush, when things were pretty quiet. Not to be deterred, he put on an apron and got to work to bring on a little goodness. This personal-sized Panago Classic left with me, and I can say with authority – it was delicious! 

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