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    Kim Fjordbotten - March 6, 2019

    Summer 2019, The Street Performers' Festival is celebrating their 35th Anniversary. Due to construction in Churchill Square, the City of Edmonton has granted them use of McIntyre Park during July 5 - 14, 2019. Does that sound like the same dates as the Whyte Avenue Art Walk? Yes they are. Are we displaced? We are indeed. This is not a new threat. It has been coming for years. This year, we were unable to hold our ground; I believe it came down to a coin toss.

    The Whyte Avenue Art Walk will not be in McIntyre Park, the bus lane closure on 104 Street or the street closure on 83 Avenue. This means that 106 local visual artists and long-time Art Walk participants will be displaced. We are challenged to come up with alternative street closure areas for these artists. Civic Events Edmonton (upon advice from Transportation, Transit and Emergency Medical Services) have suggested that the following street closures

    Fill the sidewalks from 99 St to 109 St.
    Create partial street closures on 108 St, 107 St, 105 St, and 102 St.
    Close 81 Ave between 104 St and 105 St.

    Talk with your Art Walk friends and have a back-up street in mind. These spaces are going to fill quickly. 

    See you all on registraiton day May 4, 2019 at The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue starting at 10 AM. 

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Paula McEachnie - 2019-07-03
Our clinic resides in an office building on the corner of 83 Avenue and 105 Street. This event combined with the bike lane and road construction makes it almost impossible for our patients to get to us. ?? whether 106 Street or 107 St from 82 to 83 Avenue could be used instead as there is no commercial activity on 83 Avenue. Any businesses on these streets have frontage on Whyte Ave so their access is not restricted for their clients.

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