• Appreciating the Appreciators

    Terry Smith - May 8, 2019

    The role of business and volunteer coordinator for Art Walk requires a lot of planning, communicating, scheduling and balancing – my inner geek enjoys these details –  but I can say with confidence that my favourite aspect is working with people. 

    I get to know a little more about our returning volunteers as each year passes, plus, the opportunity to meet new volunteers and interact with patrons. It’s really something special to be part of this event. 

    At some point, leading up to the event, I interact with each of the Old Strathcona businesses that are directly impacted by the visitation of 450 amazing artists over the course of Art Walk weekend. Of course, I learn more about the managers, staff and owners of the businesses we build community partnerships with. 

    Some of these businesses will provide perks, gifts or prizes for our volunteers. Still others provide important supports, such as a respite where our volunteers are welcome to use a rest room and top up their refillable water bottles. Some businesses will provide support to the artists located in front of their location. Each of these partnerships help make Whyte Avenue Art Walk the welcoming and supportive community event that it is. It definitely takes a village.

    Over the coming weeks, I’d like to introduce you to some of the businesses that are most involved, and as such, the people and stories behind this supportive community. The strength of this festival is all about the relationships we build and the community we create. I think you’ll enjoy the stories and tidbits I’ve learned, from the people who put a face to the logo.

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