• 2017 Registration Starts May 14, 2016

    Kim Fjordbotton - January 29, 2017

    Locations are assigned on a first come first serve bases by our team of experienced coordinators. Please no bribes.

    NEW PROCEDURES Click here for all the dates and  details. 

    OFFICAL REGISTRATION DAY May 6, 2017 at 10:00 am


    $80 Registration gets you a spot and the workshop.

    (Deadline is June 11, 2017. Avoid disappoint register early. We will sell out). 

    Mark your calendar. Be sure you meet the Guidelines. Please know the registration line up is long so please be patient.

    Register in person at The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue. The waiting line early in the day is about 2 hours long but by mid-afternoon the line runs very quickly. 

    What to expect on Registration Day!

    1. To register, artists must bring 1 – 2 images representing the subject matter, media and style to be exhibited. Please include photocopies or computer printouts only (no slides, originals, disks, no other electronic images). We keep images on file for reference. 

    2. Once images are approved, take a number. To avoid line jumping, every form must have a number 

    3. Complete the application form, sign the waiver and attach your images. 

    4. Consult with the coordinator to select a block and figure out the fee. Locations are assigned by matching space available with size of display and on a first come first serve basis.

    5. Next pay the registrar, get your official Art Walk number and membership discount card. Please bring cash. Banks charge processing fees for visa and credit. 

    Out of town (or out of country): Artist may register by phone. Starting May 9, 2017

    Registration by proxy is not recommended: In rare situations, you may ask for a registration form to be sent for you. Contracts must be filled out completely, waivers signed, images attached It is subject to approval. We cannot guarantee spots.

    Here is a map of our prices by site. 

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Cassidie - 2014-05-21
Hey I was just curious when you register for a spot as well as how much money it costs to get one. I would love to participate in the event! Thanksz.

kat - 2014-06-02
Hi, I would also love to see the cost for participating posted here as I would also be interested in participating (but would like to know the cost first before standing in line and so I can bring the appropriate amount of cash please).

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