• Our 2019 Map is NEW

    Kim Fjordbotten - March 6, 2019

    Summer 2019, The Street Performers' Festival is celebrating their 35th Anniversary. Due to construction in Churchill Square, the City of Edmonton has granted them use of McIntyre Park during July 5 - 14, 2019. Does that sound like the same dates as the Whyte Avenue Art Walk? Yes they are. Are we displaced? We are indeed. This is not a new threat. It has been coming for years. This year, we were unable to hold our ground; I believe it came down to a coin toss.

    The Whyte Avenue Art Walk will not be in McIntyre Park, the bus lane closure on 104 Street or the street closure on 83 Avenue. This means that 106 local visual artists and long-time Art Walk participants will be displaced. We are challenged to come up with alternative street closure areas for these artists. Civic Events Edmonton (upon advice from Transportation, Transit and Emergency Medical Services) have suggested that the following street closures

    Fill the sidewalks from 99 St to 109 St.
    Create partial street closures on 108 St, 107 St, 105 St, and 102 St.
    Close 81 Ave between 104 St and 105 St.

    Talk with your Art Walk friends and have a back-up street in mind. These spaces are going to fill quickly. 

    See you all on registraiton day May 4, 2019 at The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue starting at 10 AM. 

  • Top Three Reasons to Volunteer for Artwalk

    Kim Fjordbotten - March 4, 2019

    The 24th Annual Whyte Avenue Artwalk is going to be huge. We need YOUR help! Alongside some of the other perks you enjoy for volunteering with us, here are three other priceless benefits:

    1) You are supporting a cultural institution of the Strathcona community. The Art Walk has been happening for more than two decades now and it couldn't happen without people like you. Every year the festival serves as a hub of creativity, gathering artists from all over the city.

    2) You'll be talking to all kinds of visitors, acting as a guide and ambassador to those new to Edmonton and/or the festival. Make connections and meet new friends.

    3) You are contributing to the arts community in Edmonton. You are part of the network that includes all the amazing local talent exhibiting during the Art Walk and all of the other volunteers! Get inspired by the artwork around you and talk to the artists that create it.

    Download and print the Volunteer Form.




  • On the Spot Pop Ups

    Michelle Chapman - May 1, 2018


    Where does function meet art? To find out the answer to this question, visit the bustling pop-up market located on the parking lot in front of Southside Memorial Chapel (corner of 104th Street & 84th Avenue). This market showcases more than 30 booths of handmade crafts by your favourite local artisans making both practical and pretty works.

    Since 2014, we've partnered with On the Spot Pop Ups to expand representation of other artists, designers & makers at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk. Now makers of unqiue and functional items made by hand have great spot to showcase their wares! It is thanks to our friends at On the Spot Pop Ups and Southside Memorial that this opportunity can take place. 

    Click here to apply

    *The Paint Spot does not handle any of the administration of this market.  Please contact On the Spot Pop Ups for all application information*

  • What Artists Say About Art Walk

    Kim Fjordbotten - January 15, 2016

    Here are quotes we gathered from artists last year. "What does the Art Walk do for You?

    The Whyte Avenue Artwalk has been a highlight of my career since I began selling my art 17 years ago. Over the years I have built up a client base from participating in Artwalk.  Not only is the Artwalk a great place to showcase your work to thousands of potential buyers, but I find choosing art is so personal that people may see my work 5-10 times before they actually buy anything. The beauty of participating in Artwalk every year, is that people tend to remember my work from years past, and end up investing in an original as they have grown to know me as an artist, and watched my career develop over the years. I have become friends with many of my clients and it is very exciting to see new buyers and also returning customers to add to their collection of my work. I count myself blessed to live in Edmonton with a strong art community. 

    Giselle Denis 


    Although this was only my first year at Art walk, it has inspired me to do it again next year, as well as any smaller events there may be to showcase my Art. I've always wanted to do Art walk, as i have been going to the even for about 5 years now. Having the chance to work on the street and have a conversation with a new fan about what inspires me or how i made a particular piece was fantastic. I was nervous to showcase my art, as my pieces don't necessarily  fit the usual look i have seen at previous years. Art walk has given me a huge passion to take a more active interest in my art

    Samantha Ralph


    7 years ago a friend of mine from highschool asked me if I had ever heard of the Whyte Avenue Art Walk, I said, "the what?" He explained to me that every year on Whyte Ave, artists of all sorts set up for the weekend, displayed their work, painted and drew for everyone to see. I'd never heard of anything like it and I was instantly hooked. When I went to sign up they were doing something called Nudes on Whyte and that's when I decided that I wanted to paint nudes. I'd done some figure drawing at the time and the Art Walk was my push into painting nudes. I've been painting nudes for seven years now and have grown into a style of my own that I feel very at home with. It's my passion and the Art Walk has helped me come into my own.

    I also had never thought it a realistic possibility that I could make my passion into a business and I can happily say that this year I've expanded beyond the Art Walk for the first time and have been able to exhibit and sell my work at several different events and venues.

    I encourage anyone with an artistic or creative bone in their body to take this opportunity to show Edmonton what you're made of. The wonderful people at the Paint Spot are very supportive of the creativity in this city.

    Andréa Schmidt


    The Whyte Avenue Art Walk has meant so much to my career! I started as a timid artest who enjoyed making small pieces for myself and close family and friends. Once my peer and veteran Art Walk participant talked me into joining her I had to pick up my game. My first year was scary but was a HUGE success. Art Walk helped me find my strengths and gave me the confidence to explore further with my art. Nothing feels better than having a stranger stop to look at your pieces and complement you on your work. 2015 will be my fourth Art Walk and I cannot wait to be a part of the 20th anniversary celebration!  

    Roberta Hill


    The art walk has been instrumental in the success of my art career. Have made many sales and connections for further sales and projects. The foot traffic is huge…can’t say enough good things about it.

    Art walk is awesome. 

    Elliot Engley


  • A New Website

    Kim Fjordbotton - March 6, 2012

    Wowee! We have a new website! Watch the gallery as artists will be uploading images soon. This website will be active will calls for volunteers, workshops for artists and many other opportunities for artists and patrons to connect.

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