Zhenia (Evhen) Bahri

Zhenia began carving during his studies at the Chernivtsi College of Cultural Art. He was inspired by his dance teacher and mentor, Oleksander Yakovenko. He encouraged Zhenia to study carving with a professional artist, and after his dance rehearsals and lectures, he pursued his interest in woodworking. Zhenia became an assistant to a professional woodcarver, and helped him design and create interiors of churches. Zhenia also had three of his own art shows in Chernivtsi, featuring his own folklore-inspired work.

When Zhenia came to Canada in 1994, he was commissioned to carve an iconostas (church holy wall) for a Ukrainian church in Saskatoon. He continued to carve as a hobby, and focused on his position as the Artistic Director of the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble.

Recently, Zhenia has rekindled his love for the art of carving, and has spent his free time discovering the treasures that lay beneath the wood's surface. His latest project marries the folklore of nature with his passion for woodworking.

Facebook page: Carvings by Zhenia

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