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Werner Wirth, a Wildlife and Landscape artist born near Hamburg Germany immigrated at a very early age to Hinton, Alberta, Canada.

In 1986 he spent 1 ½ years doing volunteer work for the Alberta Winter Games Association and It was then that his passion for painting became a personal obsession. He was represented then by the Jasper Lodge gallery and currently by Inas Gallery in Peers Alberta.

Werner now resides with his spouse in the little city of Spruce Grove, Alberta, retired and pursuing among other hobbies his love for painting animals, man-made objects, buildings, cityscapes and natural landscapes in primarily a acrylic medium.

Statement of Werner Wirth:

I’m never without some means of photographing any subject that comes up as that opportunity may at times never come up again. Most of these photographs go into my media computer for inspiration, subject matter and reference as I tend to get very detailed in my work.

Regardless of my painting subject, I always tend to paint realism because not only is that where my passion in art lies but enjoy the challenge of achieving a life like image of any of my chosen subjects. Though realistic art leaves me wide open to a variety of both good and bad criticism from some people, I look at that as a challenge to continually achieve better photo realistic paintings as I go along.

I inherited my ability and drive to paint from my father as he was quite artistically inclined and I was also inspired by the likes of Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders and some other well known wildlife artists. Studying their visual works I found that the use of acrylic paint for most of my projects was my choice. I love the layering process this involves and find this medium to be very forgiving overall as well. Though I will still at times use other processes or a combination of these when engaged in the study of various subject matter.

Current planned projects are to paint cityscapes of some of the many cities we visited when we took a five week drive across Canada a couple of years back. I find with cityscapes, many closeup reference photos are required to achieve a believable, realistic and accurate rendition of each city.

I am always open for a variety of commissioned artwork and enjoy working with clients on their vision of any particular scene or subject matter they may have in mind.



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