Virgilio Pellegrini

My name is Virgilio Pellegrini, I was born in Uruguay, South America, and from an early age, I enjoyed drawing.

Later I took a few courses on drawing and painting but I was aware that making a living as an artist was really difficult and decided to chose a trade rather than continue with my real vocation That trade opened the doors for me and my family to immigrate to Canada in 1976 I worked as a machinist for almost 28 years and when finally was time to retire , very slowly, I started again walking the art path.

My favorite medium is acrylics , and my subject most of the time, is portraits, but I like to try everything from landscapes to abstract!

Some of my works are in a small gallery on Wetaskiwin ( Dalcon Visual Arts ) and for a few years I've keeping a blog, but I haven't updated it for quite a few months.

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