Val Manchuk

Hello, and welcome to my page!

A little bit about why I paint my trees:

We have planted over 500 trees on an acreage that was once a cow pasture. I love to walk through the woods and peer into them, especially at twilight. They create a mysterious mood with light and dark, and ever-changing colours. And when there is a breeze the leaves shake and rustle as if they are whispering. It’s as though the trees have a secret, and that is what inspires me to create on my canvas.

The fondness I have for my trees is reflected in my art. Rich, vibrant aspen landscapes, painted with bold acrylics in a loose, semi-abstract, impressionistic style are trademarks of my paintings. 

This will be my third year at the Art Walk, and you'll find me in the tented area right beside the old railway building on Gateway Blvd.

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