Tracye Davies

UnTraceableart began as a way for me to express my feelings and reduce my anxiety. I finally realized that I wanted a more stress-free, artistic lifestyle and made the difficult decision to quit my job. My background is in the earth sciences. I still love the earth sciences, but now I express my passion for it through art. My paintings, though some are abstract, reflect the earth, environment and dynamic systems that surround us. For me, art is about telling a story. I paint places that I have travelled to that make me happy. I like to imagine places I want to be. I am inspired by activities I enjoy doing. I use sweeping brush strokes to express emotions of adrenaline, the power of the wind or the unpredictability of the sea. Fine lines allow me to indicate the fragility of life, delicateness, or precision. I tend to use bright colours as a way for me to express joy, strength and energy in the art that I create because I feel there is too much darkness in the world. I also like to use pattern, experiment with different media in order to challenge my abilities and create new and interesting visualizations that are completely unique. I hope you enjoy my gallery and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing any prints.

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