Timothy Anderson

Watercolour - because it cleans up easily and I love the layering, bleeding, washing properties whether on traditional paper, mineral paper or synthetic.

Visual art complements the other arts that were the focus of my 40-year multidisciplinary career: classical music, theatre, writing. Those disciplines brought me into contact with so many inspiring visual artists and designers, particularly during my residencies at the Leighton Studios. An avid gardener, I often work with subjects inspired by the plants in my garden and the ones I encounter on my travels. Since 2015 I paint with the Group of Some, hosted by McDougall United Church, and have taken part in several group shows. My works now hang in Edmonton, St. Albert, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa.

There is a modest family art gene: my grandmother, Alice Simpson Booz, painted after a stroke left her paralyzed on one side, and further back Frederick Booz was employed as a clerk for the City of Toronto - and one of his duties was calligraphy for events such as royal visits.

Many watercolourists inspire me: Karen Bishop, Vivian Thierfelder, Robert Sinclair, the late Les Tibbles. I work to be like them in openness, in acquiring technical skills, in imbuing my work with wonder. At the same time, I work to develop my own eye and hand in a spare style that invites the viewer to co-create the image.

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