Thea Szewczuk

About Thea- Short Bio

Thea Szewczuk is a visual artist from Edmonton. Thea paints in acrylic and oil paint across a variety of subjects, but prefers figurative energetic works in bold, vivid, expressive color. In 2009, Thea received her B.Ed. with a Major in Visual Art and Minor in Spanish Language. Soon after, she began teaching fine art at the secondary level whilst balancing her own creative pursuits. Through travel, Thea has met a wide variety of people, with differing perspectives, which continues to fuel her curiosity about people- what makes us who we are? What is identity? What objects, and symbols do we revere and why? What is beautiful? Thea explores these questions in her current works.

Artist statement

Faces intrigue me. I am fascinated by the portrait- the connection to the spirit of the represented figure both familiar and nameless. Painting faces is both a meditation and a fixation. The evolution of the character from my original vision to what appears on canvas always surprises me as the features are rendered- they morph on their own.

In addition to the portrait, I am drawn to culture, symbols and visual texture. Deep poppy red and prussian blue dominate my work along with a need to include areas of detail that allow your eye to feast on color, and ornamentation. My Ukrainian heritage influences my choice of subjects and motifs. I sway between impatient, energetic gestural works and methodical, deliberate explorations.

The process of painting for me is a meditation. The glide of pigment is very visceral and becomes an extension of me, in that moment. I paint what I appreciate to be beautiful, wistful and regal- I aim to translate this feeling to others.

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