Tera Byte



In a world of misinformation, visual art has become Tera.Byte’s primary means of expression. Her urban graffiti style is the perfect playground for the myriad statements she makes through her paintings. Often about society in general and the imaginary constructs we create.


Throughout her childhood Tera.Byte studied various forms of art, eventually discovering her love of working with a can. As she has evolved as an artist, she left street art behind and began creating heavily with stencils. This has become a signature feature of her artworks. Tera.Byte creates her pieces using a blend of stencils and freehand techniques, layering, acrylic, spray paint and paint markers.


Her striking and bold compositions bring a little more color into the world, and while her effort is to make a statement her pieces are not meant to be taken too seriously. An urban-style artist with a naturalist’s heart, her true joy is simply in creating and sharing her art.

Find me this year in front of External Ink !!! 10015 Whyte Avenue



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