Tara Clelland

My name is Tara and I am a self taught artist. I have been creative all my life. Ideas for art ebb and flow daily. When I venture out of my comfort zone, I find a wide variety of possibilities for art in everything I see; sunrises, animals, buildings, mountains and even vehicles. I love trying new mediums, learning from my mistakes and enjoy the process of creating. I find creating very therapeutic for me. It is an outlet for my mental health. Some call it a passion- I call it an obsession.

Each series is a new adventure. Whether it is a ‘78 Ford F150 made out of paper (on canvas) or a pair of elephants made entirely of acrylic medium, each project is a personal learning experience and adventure in creative art making.

My favorite part of painting is the process. Having the idea, choosing the size and the materials, and selecting the colours.

I update my social media AND my website regularly. You can find me at the following:

@humbletara on IG

@humbletarai on Twitter


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