Sylvester Andries

We will be located in the McIntyre Park Calgary Trail gazebo location. Sylvester Andries is a 69 year old retired machinist residing in Edmonton, Alberta. Originally from Georgetown, Guyana, Sylvester came to Canada in 1974 and worked as a machinist for over 35 years. As a machinist, Sylvester showed promise as an up and coming artist making sculptures and jewelry out of the metal left over from his work for friends and family.

Upon retirement, Sylvester changed focus converting household appliances into machines to create contemporary acrylic spin art on wood, glass, metal and canvas. The vivid colours and bold designs are overtures to his South American roots and extensive travel within that continent. Recently, Sylvester has incorporated his talent for sketching into his pieces to create striking compositions of refined disorder.  As an artist, Sylvester is a true purist; he builds the machines to create the art, builds his own frames, and stretches his own canvas.  

His work is influenced by his surroundings and memories, but he can also create custom pieces based on a clients inspirational colour pallet. Though Sylvester has just recently started publicly showing and selling his pieces, his art already hangs in homes and businesses across the country.

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