Suzanna Porowski

Hello art lovers! I am new to professional visual arts; I come from the performing arts, however have painted and sketched my whole life! I love all art mediums but my favourite to work with is Acrylic due to it’s opaque quality and intense vibrancy of colour. I find almost all subjects compelling, however lately my favourite subjects are faces and people with a splash of nature thrown in. What I find interesting about the process, or at least my process is how the painting changes and takes on a life of it’s own with each session. It generally takes 4-6 sessions (of an 1-3 hours) to complete ea. Session. This includes set up and clean up too. Another important part of my work is keeping my studio up! Keeping it neat and tidy and well-stocked really encourages me to get in there as often as I can (about 4X/ week) I hope that you’ll check out my profile on facebook so that I can add you to my Art of Mind group! or email me at anytime to book a paint night or just share 😊Suzanna Porowski Instagram: @suzannaporowski Facebook: suzannahelenaporowski

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