Summer Raayn Chisholm

Summer Raayn is an Edmonton-based, Calgary-born artist who uses pen on paper to create very detailed, unique drawings. Fiction, particularly fantasy and sci-fi stories, have always been a source of inspiration for them, and as a young queer person, themes of hope and love in strange worlds helped create the artist they are today. Drawing from nature, Summer Raayn likes to use fantasy elements to change how people look at the world, and for them to see something strange and beautiful. The simplicity of black ink on white paper is a favourite, but watercolour paints and digital art allows them to have fun with colour too. You can follow Summer Raayn on Instagram @summerraayn or Facebook @summerraaynart, or see what they’re up to on their store: At the Art Walk, stop by for a chat about your favourite fiction novel or latest Dungeons & Dragons game!

Facebook: @summerraaynart

Instagram: @summerraayn

Find Summer in front of Blues on Whyte, at 10329 82 ave

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