Stephanie Medford

Stephanie is an artist, writer, and traveler, and when she’s not working on art you can find her on some kind of adventure - riding her motorcycle through small towns, backcountry camping, or flying to another country.

Her current mission is to help people who have lost touch with their creativity find their way back to their creative selves. She blogs about creativity and her own creative adventures at and she teaches workshops in printmaking, mixed media, and mindfulness and the creative process.

She is fascinated by the artistry found in everyday moments: in nature, in how our bodies and minds function, and in how we get from place to place. She explores these moments and ideas using simple materials, often found or recycled, that don’t leave too much of a footprint behind.

She uses linocuts, collage, and papier maché sculpture to illuminate her understanding of the natural world and our place within it - drawing on images from deep inside the human body or from vast mountain meadows. Inspired by travel, geography, science and natural history, her work layers fragments of maps and other ephemera that settle like sheets of sediment and describe the passage of time.

My goal with all her work is to awaken a sense of wonder and imaginative inquiry and her hope is that viewers will be inspired to learn and explore her subjects further.

Find Stephanie in front of John Fluevog at 10332 82 ave

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