Shiva Zarezadeh

Shiva Zarezadeh

I was born and raised in a quite big city in northeast of Iran, where I worked as an art therapist/child psychologist for 3 years. I moved to Edmonton a few months ago when I started working on a research study at University of Alberta as a visiting researcher in the field of Psychology. I am very excited to be able to present my works, which are mostly inspired by my perception of the deepest emotions of mine and my clients, in Whyte Avenue Artwalk for the very first time.

I believe in the power of art in improving a person’s physical, mental and emotional well-being; and as far as my techniques for expressing my thoughts are concerned, I prefer watercolor painting, portrait drawing, sculpting, Persian calligraphy, photography and making collage.

I am looking forward to and excited about spending three days in July talking about art, making art and meeting local people who are interested in art. I am sure that I will love every minute of it and I hope you enjoy my works too.

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