Sharon Vanderwolf

Sharon Vanderwolf was born in Barrhead, Alberta, Canada. She is a part-time artist currently living on a farm in Central Alberta. Having shown an interest in painting at a young age, she went on to develop her art by learning new techniques, reading, attending workshops and has an ongoing self-tutelage in honing her skills. While she strives to represent her artwork in a realistic fashion, she always aims to express with a fusion of vibrant colors with the texture of acrylic and oil paints. Focus is on landscape, seascape, wildlife and floral artwork. Her work shows a connection between the land and those who inhabit it. She is a member of several artist organizations and she exhibits at various venues in Alberta. Her favorite part of painting is the end result and how it makes others feel. In the future, Sharon hopes to devote more and more time to her passion.

“The best part of painting is that I never stop learning.”



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