Sharon Malayko

Sharon Malayko explores the natural world through her dynamic use of bright colors and expressive mark making of richly layered fluid acrylic paint. Born in Edmonton, she studied Painting and Drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Many summers were spent in the National Parks, which influenced her appreciation for the wilderness. From an early age her paintings and her process of painting reminiscent in memory reflects her spirituality that nature should be valued and protected. Sharon's paintings evoke a sense of time and space that are both representational, or not, with abstract qualities of the natural world. Working directly on canvas without any intermediary or preparatory steps, Sharon layers and moves the paint until an image presents itself. When starting a new piece, it's not about representing the landscape as it is, but about creating a mood and spirituality of a feeling based in nature drawing from memory of a time and place.               Sharon's Tent is located in McIntrye Park 104 Ave & 83 st.




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