Serena Mak

My name is Serena Lee Mak, I was born and raised in Korea until 2002 and moved to Canada with my family. I've been in love with art since I could remember. Art classes were the times I felt special and happy. I went to Victoria High School and graduated from University of Alberta with Bachelor of Design 2011.

After I graduated from university, I’ve been in a different industry and it was difficult for me to find time and motivation for painting. So early this year I decided to take a painting course at the U of A Faculty of extension. I learned a lot about myself through this class. The biggest realization was that I am more controlling and critical when it comes to my own paintings and creating them. I wanted to break the habit of control and I fell in love with that process.


My paintings are my practice of balancing control and letting go of control. They are mostly inspired by the beauty that is found in nature. Growing up by the ocean in Korea, I’ve always felt a connection with the ocean and living in Alberta grew my love for the mountains; Hence my artist name BADA & SAN (which means Ocean and Mountains in Korean). With my paintings I’m hoping to provoke emotions, memories and dreams.

Painting in general is a healing process for me and I hope everyone who enjoys my paintings can feel peace and serenity. I will be located on whyte ave and 105st right by the Chapters. I hope to share my journey and art work with lots of people!


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