Sandy Weatherall

I never thought I would be grateful for an injury.

While on a trip to a remote ski area in 2012, I seriously tore my knee ligament on the third run of the first day. It was a place for snow sports only. No shops, not even cellular service. I couldn’t even find a book or magazine to read. I had planned to only ski, all day long for three days straight. I was with a group of friends so I had no option but to wait out my stay. You can imagine how upsetting it was to know I couldn’t join them but also the awareness that I was actually injured.

So I found some scraps of paper and a pen and I started to draw a little. Friends would check in to see how I was managing and were surprised to know I could actually draw! I even surprised my fiancé and perhaps surprised myself the most -  that some ability was still “there”. I sketched in my youth and despite dreaming of going to art school, took the path as a photographer instead which led me to “put down the pencils”, until this incident.

Out of the gloom of my situation came the re-ignition of my passion for art! I created a self directed project in 2014 to draw a “Dog a Day”, knowing my passion for dogs would inspire me. I filled nearly 5, 6x8 sketchbooks and completed my task of 365 dog drawings! This led to some confidence to start trying new things and teaching myself new techniques. 

My first nervous Artwalk in 2015 kept the passion going. I have moved from pencil to acrylic paint and now watercolour! I am especially loving exploring Japanese style black ink but with Canadian inspiration. The pets will always stay close to my heart though.

My art has taken a very different direction from the beginning and I am loving every second of the process.

Still loving photography! You can find me at  Jinsei Photographics

Jinsei - the Japanese word for Life. Life is Art. Art is Life

I will be located beside the Second Cup on Calgary Trail (10402 82 ave) for the Art Walk 2017.

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