Sandra Marsh

Opening doors for those who want to see! Welcome to Mindscapes Photography! Scenic photography from around the world!

I have been shooting film since I was knee-high to a grasshopper! I still shoot mainly with film, only shooting digital if I absolutely have to.  Therefore, you will not see much of editing or 'tweaking' of my shots. I want you to see the world as it really appears--in all its glory! 

I will be at Art Walk this year 2016 along 83rd Ave (crosstreet 104 St) in front of Arti's Designer Boutique as part of ArtWalk's fantastic "Whyte Light" photography walk! I have 13 countries on display, loose photos and a few lovely canvas prints for you to discover. The current customer favorites are shots from Ireland and Harry Potter! View them all at my site listed here:

See you at ArtWalk!

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