Sam Schembri

My name is Sam Schembri and I have just completed my second year at the University of Alberta for Visual Arts and will be transferring to Emily Carr for my last two years. My mediums range from screen printing, printmaking, oil and acrylic paintings, photography, collages, magazines, and Visual Communication Design. I also study Women Gender studies and Contemporary Contextual and Formal Analysis of Art History. With these educational influences, an overlap in my art is apparent around the theme of individuality, sexuality, gender, inequalities, and identity. Using a variety of mediums to portray subjective and conceptual meanings is a successful way to educate the public, which is something I wish to do. I draw inspiration from the people I meet and the issues that the queer community face, while also deriving ideas from climate change, personalities, and other activist or inspiring topics. I created some magazines and portfolios to depict what it means to be human, and what stereotypes are associated with different ‘types’ of humans. This work is a common theme that I revolve around and I have enjoyed making engaging content that depicts unique people through photomanipulation. I am a queer artist that has participated in Art Walk for the past four years, I have sold at RAW Artshows over the last two years and Strathearn Art walk once. My art was borrowed by Gallery 501 twice, I was asked to curate the graduate art catalogue and was published, I have worked with the University and displayed my art for the Climate Change show and continue to be a fulltime student. While being a student, I have worked for five years as a lifeguard and have managed to be accepted to Emily Carr in Vancouver for this Fall. It has been a busy year and will get even busier with new changes, but I am more than excited to share my work and continue to pursue art in new places. My art sites can be found on facebook at or my instagram at s_schembri

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