Sam Fedun

Sam Tiberius Fedun is a student going into his last year for a BFA at the University of Alberta. He was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. For the last 4 years, he has been a regular in Edmonton’s anime and comic conventions selling his illustrations. He is a multimedia artist that enjoys experimenting and learning new ways to create. Many of his works are of animals, bordering on the fantastic by dipping into mythology or using vivid colour.

In Sam’s work, he often delves into self-reflection and identity. He is a transgender man and uses art as an outlet to express his life and dealing with the process of transition. He has a strong fascination with animals (both real and mythic) and they often show up within his pieces as stand-ins for his own body.

In his less personal art, he enjoys depicting animals of all kinds with a fondness of painting/sculpting depictions of pets. He enjoys doing studies of nature and the world around him. Sam doesn’t tend to stick with one medium, he flits between many. Currently, his interest lies in watercolours, acrylics, and small sculptures, but he also is proficient in oils, inks, printmaking, and textiles. He is an artist that never stops wanting to learn new things.

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