Ryn R Climenhaga

I have been drawing since I was very small, but I have been consistently and consciously working as a part-time freelance artist and illustrator for the past 5 years. Combining that with a 3 year stint at a now-closed video rental store, and a current gig at a historic movie theatre that specializes in unusual cinema gems, I have found a space in life that allows me to create all the weird things I ever could have wanted.

I have dabbled in gender-bending performances, clowning, and hoop-dance in addition to my regular visual arts practice over the years. I owe my passion for watercolours to my late high school art teacher, Mr. Lawrence Kenakin; his commitment to and wizardry with the medium has kept me experimenting with it to this day.

I grew up spending half my childhood amidst the forests and waters of Victoria and Qualicum in British Columbia. I was taken to a lot of museums, and I was read a lot of Dr. Seuss. I have held onto the weirdness and wonder of those spaces to this day, and as an almost 30-something living near Edmonton's beautiful River Valley, I prefer to spend most of my time in nature, imagining things. 

The rest of my time is spent either at the theatre (working or seeing movies), or at home in my Cube watching movies with my grumpy chinchilla; the inspiration for "Rynchillustrations". 

This is my first year doing Art Walk; I'll be located in the little nook next to O'Byrne's Irish Pub on 106th Street and Whyte. My current website is instagram.com/rynchillustrations, and you can also find me on Twitter under the handle rynchilla.

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