Ruth Vontobel-Brunner

Ruth was born and raised in Switzerland. Being creative was always a big part of her life. It also became apparent later in her career as a hairstylist, having her own salon for several years. Flower arranging, pottery and painting are some of her creative endeavors. She moved to Canada in 1991 and after some life changing events and losses, she found herself back in Switzerland, where she developed her own Art-Therapy program. This unique program was used in several breast cancer recovery workshops. In 2001, she returned to Canada where she enjoys living in the country close to the city. The need for space and inspiration through nature fuels her passion to create artwork. Ruth is a self-taught artist and likes to share her work and ideas with other artists and anyone with an appreciation for creative expression. her paintings have been sold to private collectors in Canada and Europe. She has also received several awards. Find Ruth on 83 avenue, between 105 street and Calgary Trail.

Featured Artist