Runa Gedam

My name is Runa Gedam and I’m an Oil finger painting artist. I have been a chef for the last 15 years, but I have been painting since my childhood. Growing up I have worked with different mediums like sketching, water colours, acrylic and oils; now I focus exclusively on the latter, working with oil paints and my fingers to craft visually delicious pieces of art.

I was born in India and moved to Canada in 2007. Being so far away from home I started missing the colours, the chaos and the hustle of everyday life I grew up with. However, being left with your own thoughts can be awe inspiring. My paintings are inspired by nature and life around me. I enjoy capturing moments, visiting places so I can work with them later.

I often find that a thought or a feeling, or even something I hear or see, would trigger an idea from deep within. That’s what I paint. Some of my paintings will take you on your own journey and who knows we might even meet on some of those journeys.

Instagram: runagedam

Facebook: Runasart

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