Roseanna Nay

   Roseanna is enrolled at the University of Alberta pursuing a Bachelor of Fine arts in the Art and Design program.Originating from a cattle farm situated near Seba Beach, Alberta, she draws inspiration from her experiences with the natural world around her.

   Roseanna is attempting to create artwork that encourages audiences to empathize with the human body on both exterior and interior levels. She is interested in exploring the dichotomy existing between urban and rural spaces by contrasting organic decay to the endurance of a mechanized civilization. She is influenced by childrens literature and takes inspiration from familar narratives such as the works of Beatrix Potter, Shel Silverstein, and The Brothers Grimm`s fairytales. Drawing heavily from her imaginanion and childhood memories she offers us a glimpse into constructs of illusion by evoking ethereal dreamlike scenes that quickly contort or allude to a visceral nightmarish quality.

Visit her website or follow the artist on instagram @roseannajoynay

Find Roseanna set up in front of Tops Liquor at 10028 82 ave

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