Rodrick Fuchs

I view my journey as an artist to be one of learning, experimentation and the pursuit of excellence. I am reluctant to classify myself into any one category of expression but rather pour a dedication and hunger for knowledge into all of my creative pursuits.

Accurately translating the widely varied ideas of clients is a necessity in the business of custom automotive applications. My illustrations, a successful derivative of my custom automotive paintwork, are often dark and ominous in nature and can vary from simply decorative to biting socio-political and religious commentary. My fine art has explored subject matter ranging from realistically depicted wildlife to the whimsical creatures that inhabit our fantasies. Sculpting and carving are more recently implemented expressions and have been met with the same fierce determination applied to all of my pursuits. Experience within each of these genres combines to form a well-equipped arsenal that allows me to approach a wide variety of new projects with both confidence and excitement.

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