Robyn Kern

Location: 10716 82ave, where Supercuts used to be.


After falling in love with drawing as a teenager, life did what it tends to do and got in the way. Robyn has always loved art and after moving to Alberta, bought a painting at the Calgary Stampede. At which point Robyn did what she arguably does best and started talking to everyone there. This in turn led to getting back in touch with her creative side and art classes with some brilliant instructors.

Between lollygagging at the barn, playing with the dog, and being distracted by Facebook, she manages to find time to sit in her studio. Sometimes she paints. Until the paintings magically start to manifest themselves, she has to do it the old fashion way with manual labour and a paint brush. Usually this is accompanied by some atrocious dancing and singing. When we finally get the chance to sneak a video it will be promptly posted on the website and/or Facebook page, so stay tuned!

In the mean time you can come meet Robyn at the YEG Artwalk or follow her via the links below.

The Kern Creative

Instagram @thekerncreative

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