Robert Thorne

Hi! I’m Robert Thorne and I’m an artist and designer that works primarily with with watercolours and acrylic on canvas. I really enjoy painting people and I like for my work to be fun and to make people laugh. Most of my work comes from a place of humour! I am also inspired by the media I consume as a queer person; I love drag queens, female and queer icons, and just pop culture in general. Right now my art is hanging at Remedy on 109 st upstairs where I have 3 large paintings that incorporate LEDs into the paintings and I also have some hanging at Evolution Wonderlounge. I’m also a drag queen @AgataGogh so I put on drag shows in the city! Check out my website, my Facebook page Robert Thorne Art, or instagram @RobertThorneArt / @AgataGogh to keep updated!

See you there!

Find Robert in front of Mousy Browns at 10407 83 Ave

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