Rina Lynne


Rina Lynne is an artist from Lethbridge, AB who is eager to learn and grow in her craft. Although she explores in many different mediums, her current passion is acrylic painting on canvas with bright tones of pink and coral. A piece from her collection was recently apart of a Lethbridge gallery exhibition and hopes to have many more in the future.


I enjoy challenging myself with the use of portraitures and experimenting with skin tones. Not only am I inspired by the use of realism, but also by the freedom of including abstract elements to my works. If my paintings can put a smile on another's face, then I believe I have found success in my work. Creating fine art is a way of connecting people and growing a community with similar interests.

Currently, I have found a colour theme of vibrant coral tones. For me, these colours inspire to be positive as they represent life and happiness.

Feel free to explore my Instagram profile (@rinalynneartwork) and my website (rinalynneartwork.com).

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