Reanna Savard

Tan'si/ hello, my name is Reanna Savard. My artist name is Reanna Lorraine Art. Why? It just flows better. It's also a nod to my grandmother who is the coolest lady I know. I am currently in the Secondary Education After Degree program at the U of A majoring in Fine Arts and minoring in Native Education. My goal is to teach your children Indigenous Art one day! This wasn't always my plan though. My first degree was in Native Studies and Art and Design because I just enjoyed it. Thanks to an opportunity, however, I was able to become an Artist in Residence at a local highschool working specifically with the Indigenous program. I immediately fell in love with teaching youth various projects and knew I had to make it permanent. The pieces I hold most dear reflect my love of education and my Indigenous culture. The rest of my pieces are an interest I've developed. A few years ago at Art Walk, I was dubbed 'the bone lady' and I ran with it. Studying various skeletons has become a hobby, I say in the least creepy way possible. I mainly work with ink by stippling (using dots to shade) black and white pieces. But I also work in acrylics, watercolor and paper sculptures. This year I'll be on the 105th st road block off next to Chapters. Stop by and say hi! If you want to reach me with any questions or commissions, feel free to send me a message (and check out more of my work) at @reannalorraineart on Instagram and Facebook or an email at

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