Ramona Lam

Art has always been a part of my life growing up. As a child, I was usually found with a pen or pencil in hand, doodling on any paper placed in front of me. This was often the tactic my parents used to keep me seated quietly during family outings.. let me tell you, it worked! To this day, I still find myself making doodles and drawings on these occasions.

While attending university, I had the opportunity to try my hand at painting and found a love working with acrylics. My projects range from painting cityscapes to abstracts to animals to cartoons. Sometimes I start painting based off a vague idea and without a plan in mind. It can be a challenge approaching my projects this way, but when I allow the process of creating to be my guide, it often leads me somewhere unexpected and rewarding.

This year will be my 4th time participation in the Art-Walk. I will be located in the tent area on 81st Ave between 104th and 105th street, I hope to see you there!

email: mail.offthebrush@gmail.com

instagram: offthebrush

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