Queenie Tam

I fell in love with painting since the first day I learnt to hold my pencil; I started practicing painting techniques with my teacher in the studio, who is a legendary professional artist in the field of storyboard drawing in the movie production business since the 1960's. He is the key motivator who inspired me to explore different types of medium to find the best one that fits my style; he also opened my eyes with his accomplishments as a master of art.


In search of my own artistic path, I moved from a focus on the possibilities inherent in social criticism, ideas, reflection and re-presentation of cultural interpretation to an exploration of the essential purity of art.


As a result, I developed a very distinctive creative energy. I captured my life experiences and memories with acrylic & oil colour in my miniature art.


Life changing memories and irreplaceable experiences allow me to adept in the form of landscape painting and installation art that makes use of honed sculpted art pieces.


This is my first year to join Art Walk 2016, I will be located in The Cat's Glass -10039 82 Ave ( Close to A & W). My miniature Dollhouse art pieces are original oil paintings with a sculpted frames ( UV coated , water resistant coating) , special techniques for the painting-back wrapping.

All paintings come with :

- Certificate of Authenticity (Gallery Quality & Hand Painted)

-Hand Sculpted frames ( White or White with glit)

-Wrapping fabric


Please come and visit, have a good time to chat or exchange the skills of painting & crafting. A handcrafted wooden dollhouse with miniature display model will be showing on site! I am sure you will be having fun with my art performance. See you there :)


Featured Artist